I am an active AI explorer (aka. Research Assistant) in the School of Computer Science at University of Birmingham. I obtained my MSc in Computer Science from University of Birmingham, advised by Prof Jianbo Jiao. My research interests include Image Processing/Generation and Medical Imaging. I am particularly interested in learning better representations by exploring auxiliary from different modalities and reducing the dependency on supervisions, with application to vision and healthcare problems.

I am currently looking for PhD position in medical image analysis/generation with multi-modality and representation learning.


Jul 2023:   One paper has been accepted by ICCV 2023.
Oct 2022:   Awarded as Kaggle Competition Master (rank top 0.1%).


Multi-view Self-supervised Disentanglement for General Image Denoising
Hao Chen, Chenyuan Qu, Yu Zhang, Chen Chen, Jianbo Jiao
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023
[PDF] [Supp] [Arxiv] [BibTeX] [Project]

Low-light Enhancement in the Frequency Domain
Hao Chen, Zhi Jin
Arxiv e-print, 2023
[PDF] [arXiv] [Code] [BibTeX]

Hierarchical Articulated NeRF for 3D Human Reconstruction and Rendering
Hao Chen, Shanxin Yuan, Helisa Dhamo, Ales Leonardis
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Reviewed, 2022

Machine Learning Hotspot Prediction Significantly Improve Capture Rate on Wafer
Yuan Wei, Yifei Lu, Hao Chen, et al.
International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS), 2020

Noisy Visual Training: Learning Robust Low-level Image Prior
Hao Chen, Jianbo Jiao
UoB Master Thesis 2022

BEVLoc: End-to-end 6-DoF Localization via Cross-modality Correlation Under Bird’S Eye View
Nanjie Chen, Jinping Wang, Hao Chen, Ying Shen, Shuai Wang, Xiaojun Tan
Under Reviewing 2023

Expanding from Unilateral to Bilateral: A Robust Deep Learning-based Approach for Radiographic Osteoarthritis Progression
Rui Yin, Hao Chen, Kaibin Zhang, Guangxu Yang, Fajian Shi, Yiqiu Jiang, Jianchao Gui
Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 2023


Pattern Selection Systems and Methods
M Liu, B Chen, D Shao,J Wuu, H Chen, A Hamouda, J Cheng
Patent, 2023: [WO2023046385A1]

Systems, Products, and Methods For Image-based Pattern Selection
H Chen, W Hu, Q Jia, M Liu, R Sun, J Wuu
Patent, 2021: [WO2022037921A1]

An Object Detection Method for Optimal Scheduling of Shared Bicycles
B Ding, H Chen, Z Dai, Q Huang, et al.
Patent, 2021: [CN113392799A]

OPC process of Computational Lithography

Honors and Awards

 Feb 2023: 🥇Gold Medal (8th Place) in RSNA Screening Mammography Breast Cancer Detection (8/1,687)
 Oct 2022: 🥇Gold Medal (2nd Place) in RSNA 2022 Cervical Spine Fracture Detection (2/883)
 Mar 2023: 🥈Silver Medal in NFL Player Contact Detection (Top 4%)
 Jul 2022: 🥈Silver Medal in Foursquare - Location Matching (Top 2%)
 Dec 2022: 🏆First Place in 2022 ASML Machine Learning Competition
 Dec 2021: 🏆First Place in 2021 ASML Machine Learning Competition

The public code repo for Kaggle RSNA competitions solutions is in here


University of Birmingham
M.S. in Computer Science with Honors, 2021 - 2022
Sun Yat-sen University
B.Eng. in Automation with Honors, 2017 - 2021

Industry Experiences

Brion Environment of Technology in AI (BETA), ASML
Researcher, May 2023 - Present
Huawei Noah Ark's Lab (UK)
Research Intern, Jun 2021 - Dec 2022
ASML Holding N.V.
Research Scientist, Aug 2020 - Present


  Support:       LaTex, Conda, Linux, Git, Download, Pandas, FileTransfer
  Math:          Statistics and some Proof, Probability, Matrix
  Notes:         Evolution Computation, CV & Imaging, AI & ML